The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend
your life running up and down the field and never score

About Alfazance

Alfazance is a management consulting, application management and outsourcing company serving subscribers in multiple countries. Modelled with unparalleled industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise along with comprehensive services and product portfolio; we collaborate with our subscribers to deliver tangible results. Alfazance aspires to be recognized for innovation towards delivering business value across industry verticals.

Our model of operation is “Innovation Hungry” and we co-create breakthrough solutions which helps our subscribers achieve business objectives. These solutions are based on best practices but with a view on existing constraints.

The name Alfazance is a combination of two words; Alpha – which indicates “the first” and Cognizance which is “Knowledge”. The monogram identity includes two triangles and a rhombus. The triangles depict acceleration towards achieving results and the rhombus (Derived from Greek; rhómbos means "to turn around") indicates knowledge transformation. Different colors indicate innovation.