Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,
this time more intelligently

Associates Growth Avenue

Small and focused teams create larger impacts, generate higher productivity and will have higher probability of success in solving subscriber’s complex problems.

With the above philosophy – you will work in an exciting environment of opportunities which will give you two dimensional growth – knowledge growth and career growth. Typically; a small team ranging from analyst, expert and engagement manager work in an integrated environment with the subscriber’s business head. Everyone in the team owns a full-fledged responsibility of the work area. As your teammates share their thoughts, insights and expertise, your knowledge would also grow exponentially. As the maturity in your knowledge, thoughts and approach grow you graduate from a generalist to a specialist.

We want knowledge to flow in all directions which in-turn allows a healthy flow of thoughts and ideas. Hence we offer non-hierarchal horizontal organizational structure. Our Associates to Engagement Managers – extended to senior management engage freely with each other beyond the designation boundaries. This non-hierarchal structure creates a sense of trust, responsibility, accountability and attachment towards each other which builds collaboration – also stretched to subscriber.