Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,
this time more intelligently

Associates Growth Avenue

At Alfazance we give you an opportunity to choose a personalized career avenue which consists of two dimensional growth. The fundamental theory behind two dimensional growth is to offer our associates a career avenue framework consisting of professional contentment, compensation gratification and personal development.

High Performers follow their passion for success and plan their career avenue based on the passion they carry. These high performers progress faster as they have better clarity on what and when to do. Progress in Alfazance is merit driven – because passion fosters merit; regardless of the designation you carry and the amount of time you serve in the company. Due to the horizontal organizational structure we follow; we conduct dual assessments in a year and receive feedbacks from your peers, your subordinates, your seniors and subscribers. The weighted average of the scores under each category of evaluation helps us understand the areas of professional and personal development.

The weighted average of two assessments in conjunction with the employee key performance indicators decide the employee band level and compensation.

There is no limit to learning. More you learn – more you gain. We believe in non-conventional approaches to train employees. We attempt to understand the strengths of our associates and work on enhancing your strong areas and equip you to create a handle on your ineffective points. The approach is monitored through your interactions with colleagues and subscribers, classroom sessions and external social sessions.