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Services - Management Consulting

Alfazance has absorbed well known management philosophies to create a unique market offering for business transformation. Alfashift is based on intimate subscriber relationship which ensures a high level of involvement and smooth change management which guarantees the success of our assignments. Alfashift ensures defining of business goals, development of strategies to achieve these goals, and to implement these strategies in ways that deliver impact rapidly and effectively.

Alfashift integrates three improvement initiatives to achieve operational excellence which are focused around firstly identifying bottlenecks (Resources, People, Market, Policy) and then addressing them via removing waste (economies of speed to accelerate the flow) and reducing variation (delay, defect, deviations) which goes on to delivering a win-win to our subscribers. Alfashift is much more powerful, dynamic and agile than traditional consulting.


A methodology by definition is a set of processes and templates to delivery repeatable results. However the “follow-the-rules” approach very often ends up addressing a business problem whose nature has changed but the means and ways to address it has not. Both the customer and consultant end up working on the wrong problem using the wrong set of tools.

Creativity, innovation and dynamics for operating are shifting all the time. Any transformation has to be based on a thoughtful understanding of the underlying organizational, interpersonal and individual dynamics that center’s problem. Without a comprehensive understanding the roots of the problem, the consultant is relying on some tool or just doing what seems “right.”

Alfashift approaches a problem by firstly defining the problem, gaining deep insights and clarity about the problem, where and why are the core issues, its impacts internal and external and then divide the entire problem into an array of sub problems and finally apply the improvement initiatives on these sub problems. Alfashift is based on strategic focus and is result driven.