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Services - Objective Based Application Consulting

Objective Based Application Consulting is an approach driven by strategy and outcomes unlike the conventional predetermined tasks based models. The offering is unique and is packaged into Alfazance’s implementation methodology Alfapath.

Conventionally implementation practice is focused on fixed set of tasks irrespective of the situational dynamics of the engagement. The consulting vendor specifies the scope and draws a sequence of tasks the consultant will perform to create a deliverable. These tasks are repeated in every customer engagement. On the other end the customer is expecting a business transformation from the vendor consultant. But in reality the customer has outsourced a part of their job responsibility of driving change to the consultant. The foundation of this model is weak and does not stand chances of success. Practically, the consultant cannot ever be given an autonomy in the client organization to drive the change and since the job responsibility is outsourced; the client will never be involved nor carry a genuine ownership of the plan.

Objective-based consulting operates based on the declared objectives within the client organizations. In this approach the customers owns the objectives and Alfazance holds the responsibility to direct the blueprinting of the solution in line with objectives realization. In real world, problems and their dynamics are complex and fluid in nature and it is mandatory that the approach reflects this complexity while arriving at a viable solution. In Objective based application consulting, our experts as well as our subscriber’s management are involved as subject matter experts while declaring to realizing the strategic objectives and project priorities. Our experts subscriber’s management collectively sum up as “One Team”. The key to success in this approach is the involvement, ownership, commitment and empowerment of the “One Team”.

It is much simpler to sell a predetermined service than an adaptive and dynamic approach. But the end results with the adaptive objective based consulting approach are far superior than virtually zero results from premeditated task based services.


Alfapath is focused on declaring a strategic objective within the application capability and directing the implementation towards realizing these objectives using application implementation as a framework.

The highlights of Alfapath are: